This project has received funding from the European Union's 7th Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration under Grant Agreement (GA) N° #607798

Final Conference

19- 20th February 2020, Brussels, Belgium

BluePoint Brussels

What is the Final Conference?

With DRIVER+ ending in February 2020, the Final Conference will give you an exciting overview on the project’s achievements and results. 

  • Discover and put DRIVER+ key outcomes and trialled solutions to the test
  • Benefit from roundtables, demonstrations, exhibitions, and high-level keynotes. 
  • Learn more on the DRIVER+ lasting impact and how you can benefit – for example by joining the DRIVER+ CMINE community ( or by becoming an early adopter of a DRIVER+ solution.

The DRIVER+ Final Conference is anticipated to convene up to 300 international participants, bringing together policy makers and crisis management practitioners, solution providers and solution seekers, crisis management experts and researchers – the perfect networking occasion for the European Crisis Management community.

who is this event designed FOR ?

Crisis Management practitioners

with operational knowledge to guide research and innovation but also from beyond so as to exchange on their experiences, lessons learnt and best practices

Related projects and initiatives

 from the EC or beyond

Crisis Management solution providers

from industry and research offering innovative socio-technical solutions


Policy makers

working on the regulatory framework for Crisis Management operations, operating at EC or national level

Public solution seekers (government agencies) and procurers

potentially interested in taking up DRIVER+ output

Experts on various aspects of Crisis Management

having specific knowledge and expertise, with respect to operational and strategic/political challenges, including volunteer management specific technological requirements, challenges related to regulations and standardisation, and challenges related to evaluation processes

A first glimpse on the agenda will be published here soon!