In the EU project DRIVER+, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) provided real-time aerial images in a disaster control exercise in Eisenerz/Austria (Trial Austria, 9-15th September 2019) in order to provide crucial support for situation recording and rescue logistics of disasters in the future. The Dornier Do 228 D-CODE research aircraft was used as a drone demonstrator to demonstrate the future use of drones for disaster control. Using developed DLR tools, operations managers on the ground are able to identify and mark out areas of interest on a map and transmit them to the unmanned aircraft as a request. The flight and mission planning of the aircraft was carried out using the “U-Fly” ground control station for unmanned aircraft developed at the DLR Institute of Flight Guidance in Braunschweig. The research aircraft was equipped with a special 3K camera system of the DLR Remote Sensing Technology Institute. An area of 80 square kilometer can be captured in about ten minutes. Geo-referenced aerial photographs can be taken and the results transmitted via a data link to the ground control station and the emergency forces.
You can watch the video here: