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What is the CMINE?

The Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe (CMINE) is a Community of Practice that fosters innovation and enhances a shared understanding in the fields of Crisis Management and Disaster Risk Reduction in Europe. CMINE is creating an umbrella network of stakeholders active in Crisis Management by linking existing projects, networks and initiatives. By doing so, CMINE reduces fragmentation, generates ideas and helps to identify innovative solutions to improve European resilience.  

CMINE comprises an online community platform and face to face meetings and workshops with the aim of tackling current and future challenges and facilitating the uptake of research and innovation by practitioner organisations. Different Task Groups have been set up to develop approaches aimed at resolving current issues in different Crisis Management domains, such as Floods, Wildfires or Volunteer Management.  

CMINE is designed to evolve continuously through collaboration with the aim of becoming a pan-European platform, which is centred on the exchanges between various Crisis Management professionals. 

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