public reports

The DRIVER+ consortium is happy to make openly available below all the public deliverables the project has or will produce until April 2020.

DRIVER+ (2017-2020)

Guidance Methodology and Guidance Tool
Test-bed Infrastructure
Testbed for Trials
Portfolio of Solutions
Portfolio of Solutions design
DRIVER+ online platforms
  • DRIVER+ online tools – Implementation specifications (expected March 2019)
  • DRIVER+ Portfolio of Solutions database and guidance tool prototypes (expected May 2019)
  • DRIVER+ Portfolio of Solutions database and guidance tools (expected January 2020)
Trial Management and Planning
  • Overall evaluation of the trials and final demo (expected February 2020)
Solutions in trials
Impact, Engagement and Sustainability
Dissemination and Communication
Enhancing the shared understanding of Crisis Management
Ensuring the sustainability of the project outcomes
  • Overview of industrial and market aspects of innovative CM solutions (expected June 2019)
Standardisation activities
Research Ethics & Societal Impact Assessment
Research Ethics
Societal Impact
Lessons learned on project level (expected April 2020)

DRIVER (2014-2016)

Civil Society Resilience
Individual and volunteer preparedness
Report on risk perception (February 2017)
Community Resilience
Community resilience model (February 2017)
Resilience of local governments
Crisis Communications
Training and Learning
Competence framework for Crisis Management
High-level decision-making
Collaboration of Crisis Management professionals and the general public
Impact and Engagement
Coordination of Impact & Sustainability
Strategy and Roadmap (August 2014)
Dissemination Management
Assessment and Innovation
Coordination & Conceptualisation of Supporting information & analysis
Work Plan (July 2014) Objectives (February 2017)
CM Institutions & Capabilities
Joint Experiments and Final Demonstration
Joint Experiment Design
Research Ethics and Societal Impact Assessment
Coordination and Conceptualisation of Independent monitoring
Implementing societal values into Crisis Management
Training and education