This project has received funding from the European Union's 7th Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration under Grant Agreement (GA) N° #607798

Driver+ Objectives and activities

DRIVER+ is committed to deliver and make sustainable three main things by April 2020: a pan-European Test-bed for Crisis Management capability development, a Portfolio of Solutions and a shared understanding in Crisis Management across Europe. Towards these objectives, several activities are planned from 2017 to 2020.

Three Objectives

To develop a pan-European Test-bed for Crisis Management capability development enabling practitioners to create a space in which stakeholders can collaborate in testing and evaluating new products, tools, processes or organisational solutions.

To develop a Portfolio of Solutions in the form of a database-driven website that aims at documenting all DRIVER+ solutions. These will be tested via trials during the project lifetime. Ultimately, the Portfolio of Solutions will be opened up to any external organisations willing to share data and experiences of solutions

To foster a shared understanding in Crisis Management across Europe, through the enhancement of the cooperation framework.

A pan-European Test-Bed for Crisis Management capability development

The DRIVER+ Test-bed is a pan-European arena of virtually connected facilities and crisis labs, aiming at providing the following:

a pragmatic step-by-step guidance to conduct trials

a reference implementation for all DRIVER+ trials

general guidance and technical infrastructure of the Test-bed to support the trials

A demonstration infrastructure

where stakeholders can collaborate in trialling and evaluating new tools, processes  or organisational solutions

A Portfolio of Solutions

The DRIVER+ Portfolio of Solutions is a database-driven online catalogue:


Documenting and presenting details on solutions tested and evaluated during the DRIVER+ Trials

Open to third party solutions

Allowing for the introduction of third party solutions already used by practitioners or relevant to Crisis Management


Supporting the sharing of user experiences, and thereby, easing the successful implementation and usage of solutions for other practitioners
DRIVER+ develops a website where the Portfolio of Solutions is available as well as the Guidance Tool that helps the Crisis Management practitioners to design, conduct and assess trials.

A shared understanding in Crisis Management across Europe

In order to enhance the cooperation framework and facilitate a shared understanding of Crisis Management across Europe, the DRIVER+ project will:


Build and structure a dedicated Community of Practice in Crisis Management  to facilitate the identification of best practises and sharing of lessons learnt


Cooperate with Crisis Management experts, practitioners and solution providers external to DRIVER+


Organise I4CM events (Innovation for Crisis Management) that bring together solution providers practitioners at local/regional level and relay the Community of Users on European level


Develop new standards and/or contributing to ongoing and future standard development


Organise 3 Policy-Research Roundtables to exchange with policy-makers on project results and potential EU policy implications

key activities


Four series of trials were organised (respectively in Poland, France Austria, The Netherlands). During a trial, solutions were operationalised and tested. They were based on updated Crisis Management gaps and practitioners needs and benefited from the DRIVER+ Test-bed component. All the results were made available in the PoS. The main practitioners’ needs addressed were Cross-Border Tasking and Resource Management, High Level Coordination, Volunteer Management and Situation Assessment and Logistics.


Building upon the past two editions of the event, two additional Innovation for Crisis Management (I4CM) events were organised in Warsaw and Copenhagen  to address the Crisis Management practitioners and stakeholders at regional level, therefore providing a relay towards the EU level and complementing initiatives such as the Community of Users. These I4CM event provided a unique local exchange forum on practitioners’ needs and solutions to address pressing regional issues to be solved, identify best practices, foster synergies, and address issues of common interest. Exchanges were focused on needs of practitioners, already available promising solutions to address them and those that were still to be developed. Finally, these kind of events provided a relay towards the European level and will therefore support the Community of Users initiative.


In order to strengthen the Policy-Research Dialogue on research and demonstration activities in Crisis Management, and to increase the EU added value of the DRIVER+ trials, three Policy- Research roundtables were organised. Their purpose was to involve policy makers before the trials and final demonstration, to allow exchanges on the potential EU policies to be addressed and the involvement of DG Home, DG ECHO/ ERCC staff members, but also to allow exchanges on the results and potential policy implications.

final demonstration

Towards the end of the project, a final demonstration, organised in Poland and The Hague, showcased the selected solutions and their efficiency and explicitly addressed the added value the European Commission and the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) can bring into play in the particular crisis scenarios addressing these needs. The event was built upon the results of the trials and the lessons learnt from reference implementations and design validation of the Test-bed and presented the potential of a more integrated high-level CM system in Europe.

final conference

From 19th-20th February 2020, the Final Conference was organized in Brussels to communicate on the project final results. The Conference brought together over 220 Crisis Management specialists, academics and technology developers from throughout Europe and beyond and celebrated major achievements and successes.

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