In the context of the DRIVER+ project, a series of Trials and a Final Demonstration will be conducted with the main aim to:

  • investigate innovative solutions under simulated crisis condition, by gradually adapting them to operational constrains
  • creating acceptance among users through their active involvement, and
  • providing evidence to decision-makers that solutions are cost-effective.

A series of four Trials will be organised to operationalise and test Crisis Management solutions.

DRIVER+ Trial#4 will be held on 20st-24th May 2019 in the Netherlands.

Are you driving innovation in Crisis Management? Are you developing and deploying socio-technical solutions for first responders? Do you provide innovations being a game changer for operational, tactical and strategic decision makers?

Then you should apply now for the call for applications for the DRIVER Trial #4 until 9th July 2018!

Participating in the trial will allow you to spread out your product to the European Crisis Management community. Within the Trials, you will be in contact with a large group of actors who are working and researching in the domain. Information on your solution will be taken up in our digital Portfolio of Solutions. Thereby, your solution gains visibility to a wide audience not only within DRIVER+ but also, as part of the Portfolio of Solutions, to other interested parties in and beyond Europe.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for solutions that can be technologies, tools, methods, concepts, or recommendations that regard potential technical, organizational, procedural, legal, policy, societal, or ethical improvements to the European Crisis Management legacy.

We are especially looking for solutions addressing the following capability needs:

  • Planning of resources (qualified personnel and equiment) for response during large scale and long-term crises;
  • Capability to exchange crisis-related information among agencies and organisations on various level (interoperability);
  • Planning and managing large scale evacuation of population in urban areas.

Trial#4 scenario

A dyke or sluice breach is caused by technical failure or bad weather conditions. A part of the Safety Region Haaglanden, the Netherlands, will be flooded and damaged or destroyed. More than 500.000 people are threatened by the flooding. During the flood, the water level will be about one meter, depending on the exact location of the breach and the altitude of the terrain. The flooding will have significant human and economic impacts such as for instance flooded road and railways. The scenario requires decisions about the necessity for the evacuation of inhabitants of the area afflicted by flooding. The exercise requires the collaboration of various evacuation forces, volunteers and resources from national and potentially international networks.

Are you interested in this scenario? Apply now for the call for applications- here

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