The CMINE is launching a Call for experts who might be interested in joining one of the thematic task groups, Floods, Volunteer Management and Wildfires. The Call will remain open until end of February 6th 2019.

Joining one of the CMINE task groups is an excellent opportunity to get involved in the development of a crisis management solutions. The CMINE offers the task group members the chance to collaborate with various types of professionals with different geographical backgrounds and expertise. Through the self-governing task groups, experts have a strong voice and can help shape the direction and working processes of the task group. Moreover, the CMINE is not restricted by complex bureaucratic procedures which makes the development of solutions through this network different from the regular EU procurement cycle. For those interested in addressing present challenges within a crisis management domain, the CMINE offers a great opportunity.

Are you interested? Click here for further information and to submit your application form.