Collaborate with us

Are you an expert or a practitioner in the field of Crisis Management?
Are you a solution provider?
Are you involved in a related project or initiative?
Are you a policy-maker impacted by Crisis Management issues?

Close synergies amongst all actors of the Crisis Management ecosystem will help to ensure that the European dimension is appropriately addressed, thus spreading excellence and maximising the expected impact of European Research & Innovation in Crisis Management.

Your continued participation in the project activities is important to us and will help the DRIVER+ consortium to align with and to follow-up on relevant policies, challenges, gaps and community needs faced within the wide spectrum of thematic areas dealing with Crisis Management.

To increase the relevance of the project results, and ensure that the DRIVER+ trials are conducted taking into account the technological state-of-the-art and relevant knowledge available outside of the consortium, the DRIVER+ trials, final demonstration and events will be opened to additional innovative solution providers, experts and practitioners.

Your expertise, lessons learnt and best practices from past experience are of great value to us, so that we can jointly progress in the critical areas of Crisis Management and create acceptance for new solutions and approaches towards the successful introduction of innovation in the field.