Join the Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe

Are you involved in Crisis Management? You should join! The engagement of policy makers, researchers, practitioners, industry representatives and civil society in Crisis Management innovation is a key to reducing fragmentation, creating a shared understanding, and finding better solutions to natural and manmade disasters.



Are you driving innovation in Crisis Management? Are you developing and deploying socio-technical solutions? Do you provide innovations being a game changer?

Are you eager to improve your innovation, make it fit with needs of end users, and meet with potential partners?

If yes, the Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe is made for you !

It is an excellent opportunity for you to network with like-minded crisis management professionals from across Europe and to share your experience in a positive and proactive environment. The CMINE brings innovators and end users together during the innovation development cycle. Our purpose is to address capability needs of practitioners, strengthen the policy environment for crisis management and build more resilient communities


And together we will provide opportunities for defining crisis management solution at a macro level !

And together we will play a role in facilitating the implementation of policy and facilitate the uptake of Research and Innovation by practitioners and other rend users !

And together we will raise awareness and understanding of disaster risk !