From 09 September to 15 September 2019, practitioners, scientists and industrial partners will gather together in Austria to test innovative solutions in the field of disaster management. The DRIVER+ project is organising Trial Austria (out of a series of four Trials of the DRIVER+ project) where it will continue applying and improving a methodology that will help practitioners to find adequate solutions according to their needs.

The Trial is currently being designed in close synergy with the European Civil Protection Exercise IRONORE2019 which is running from 12 September 2019 to 15 September 2019 in Eisenerz, Austria.

IRONORE2019 will have practitioners from several European countries that will come to Austria to train and improve their earthquake-related response capacities and procedures while establishing a common understanding of the cooperation in civil protection assistance. More than 1000 participants are expected to join IRONORE2019 which is now in its phase of designing realistic scenarios in an alpine region and involving all stakeholders of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism; starting from the local response until the request of assistance via the Austrian Ministry of Interior.

And is specifically in those realistic scenarios where the DRIVER+ project will be able to test a number of solutions that were selected considering their added value in regards to the management of volunteers. Since IRONORE2019 was presented this January at the European Commission, DRIVER+ has started a number of joint activities between the two projects in order to prepare, coordinate and execute better Trial Austria.