DRIVER+ has been presented at the speaker’s corner during the European Civil Protection Forum 2018, taking place on 5-6 March 2018 in Brussels.

Marcel Van Berlo (TNO), DRIVER+ technical coordinator, addressed the restart of the project, its objectives and the upcoming Trial 1 where innovative Crisis Management solutions will be tested in life-like conditions. Mr Van Berlo welcomed external organisations and associations in crisis management to get in touch with the project, which is currently calling for new solutions as part of its second trial.

The European Civil Protection Forum is one of the major gathering of the Crisis Management community in Europe, involving actors from various sectors such as civil society, industry, research, first responders associations.

This edition addressed current and future challenges related to EU Civil Protection through a wide variety of content-rich presentations and sessions, which were organized around 4 pillars:

  • Strengthening Preparedness
  • Simplifying Response
  • Scaling up Prevention
  • Fostering Resilience in Europe’s Neighbourhood