• Are you a Crisis Management practitioner interested in innovation?
  • Are you a solution provider?
  • Are you involved in a Crisis Management project or initiative?
  • Are you a policy maker impacted by Crisis Management issues?

Then please join us at the DRIVER+ Final Conference on 19-20th February 2020 in Brussels. With DRIVER+ ending in April 2020, the Final Conference will give you an exciting overview on the project’s achievements and results:

  • Discover and put DRIVER+ key outcomes and trialled solutions to the test
  • Benefit from roundtables, demonstrations, exhibitions, and high-level keynotes
  • Learn more on the DRIVER+ lasting impact and how you can benefit – for example by joining the DRIVER+ CMINE community (www.cmine.eu) or by becoming an early adopter of a DRIVER+ solution

The DRIVER+ Final Conference is anticipated to convene up to 300 international participants, bringing together policy makers, solution providers, and crisis management practitioners and experts – the perfect networking occasion for the European Crisis Management community. Would you like to join us? Register here