In the context of the preparations for DRIVER+ Trial#1 starting on 21st – 25th May 2018 in Warsaw (Poland) a booklet containing extensive information about Trial #1 was recently launched.


The Booklet covers information about the project DRIVER+, the Test-Bed (a space for trialling), the Portfolio of Solutions, the Trials and presents in detail the scenario of Trial 1 and the selected solutions. It further provides an outlook on future activities after Trial #1.


For DRIVER+, an approach based on Trials is a prerequisite for making improvements and avoiding potentially dangerous mistakes in Crisis Management innovation. The Test-bed will provide an arena of virtually connected facilities and crisis labs. It will deliver a pragmatic step-by-step guidance to conducting trials, a reference implementation for all DRIVER+ Trials and general guidance and technical infrastructure to support the Trials.


The Portfolio of Solutions (PoS) is a database driven website describing the capabilities of all the available DRIVER+ solutions. It includes information on the experiences with a solution (i.e. results and outcomes of Trials), but also the needs it addresses, the type of practitioner organisations that have used it, the regulatory conditions that apply, the societal impact considerations, a glossary, and the design of the Trials. It will be extended with third-party solutions when required by the Trials, allowing for the introduction of solutions already used by practitioners or relevant to the Crisis Management field.


A series of four Trials and a Final Demonstration will be conducted. The aim is to investigate innovative solutions under simulated crisis conditions, by gradually adapting them to operational constraints, as well as creating acceptance among users through their active involvement and by providing evidence to decision makers that they are cost-effective. Trial #1 is the first Trial of the four and provides a practical demonstration of the potential of a Common Operational Picture (COP) approach at the European level.


Three solutions have been selected to be tested in Trial #1. The SOCRATES OPERATION CENTER (OC) by GMV will provide a web-based tool for generating a Common Operating Picture (COP). The 3Di solution- a cloud-based versatile water management instrument by Nelen and Schuurmans will enable flood forecasting and mapping. Drone Rapid Mapping provided by Hexagon will allow an incident or a crisis area to be mapped quickly using cloud computing.

Do you want to know more about Trial #1 and future DRIVER+ Trials? Click here to read the full booklet!