DRIVER+ has conducted four Trials so far.

Different selected innovative technical solutions were benchmarked during these Trials in different contexts:
– Toxic spill scenario in Warsaw, Poland (May 2018)
–  Large forest fire in southern France (October 2018)
–  Flood scenario In the Hague, Netherlands (May 2019)
–  Heavy earthquake and subsequent heavy rains in the central area of Austria (Sept 2019)

The findings which were mainly based on the evaluation of Trial Poland and Trial France were released in a recent article posted on the following link of the DRIVER+ Website.
It tries to answer two questions: What have these Trials shown about the use of innovative socio-technical solutions in European Crisis Management? Have the solutions proved to be useful?

A final demonstration is currently under preparation. It is the last Trial concluding the series of DRIVER+ Trials organised by the Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences and is taking place on 26-28 November 2019. The event is presenting the potential of a more integrated high-level Crisis Management system in Europe, especially in international contexts in term of improved situation assessment, coordination, resource pooling & sharing, and cross border cooperation, taking into account the lessons learnt and outcomes of the previous Trials.

More to come very shortly on the Trial Section of the DRIVER+ Website.