The DRIVER+ partners participated in the 4th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Disaster Management, hosted by the Chair for Information Systems and Supply Chain Management and ERCIS Competence Center for Crisis Management at the University of Münster from 11th to 13th December. This event, offering a platform for Crisis Management professionals to discuss a range of disaster management issues, aimed at highlighting the fact that Information and Communication Technologies have become key drivers of Crisis and Disaster Management. Practitioners, researchers and industry representatives from all over the world were thus invited to share the latest developments of their research and best practices in the field.

On this occasion, two of the DRIVER+ partners (Thalès and Entente Valabre) submitted a paper presenting the results of the “Operational Data Lift” trial conducted during the first phase of the project, which aimed at assessing the operational benefit that a COP (Common Operational Picture) solution could bring to the coordination of a complex crisis in terms of vertical dissemination of information in the command chain and horizontal sharing of information with cross border partners and other domains (e.g.: Health, Police…).


 Presented to an audience of more than 40 participants, DRIVER+ is delighted to announce that it won the “best paper award” on the use of ICT for crisis management


The DRIVER+ consortium would like to warmly thank the ICT-DM 2017 organising team for the quality of the event and for having offered us a great opportunity to present the results of the project.