The Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Center (DRMKC) has published the report “Science for Disaster Risk Management 2017: Knowing better and losing less” as a contribution to the Science and Technology Roadmap of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

This report aims to provide reviews of scientific solutions based on relevant advances and outcomes of EU research projects, relevant national work and relevant international work and their practical use in various areas of Disaster Risk Management in Europe. It also supports the integration of science into informed decision-making. The scope of the report is divided conceptually into three distinct parts, forming the “bridge concept”:

1/ Understanding disaster risk: covering risk assessment methodology and a comprehensive overview of hazard related risk issues

2/ Communicating disaster risk: tackling issues on communication in different phases of Disaster Risk Management among different actors

3/ Managing disaster risk: addressing the governance issues of the full disaster risk cycle

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