Euronews came to Warsaw, Poland recently for Trial 1 and the film they shot at the Main School of Fire Service (SGSP) will be broadcast live on air throughout the week of 18th – 24th June. Broadcast times for the week are shown below, although they are of course subject to change should a live news event take centre stage
The film will be also online from Monday evening on their website .
DRIVER+ Trial Film broadcast live on Euronews
Monday 18 June18:45
Tuesday 19 June18:15
Wednesday 20 June01:4510:1516:45
Thursday 21 June02:4514:1517:15
Friday 22 June01:4511:4516:45
Saturday 23 June06:4512:1517:4522:15
Sunday 24 June00:4514:1520:45