Trial #2

22nd – 26th October 2018

Valabre, France

The number and severity of natural or man-made disasters, as well as humanitarian and civilian emergencies, is increasing worldwide, causing considerable infrastructure and economic loss. As a result, the way that we manage these crises is a constantly evolving challenge. European Crisis Management capabilities need to improve continuously in order to adapt to rising challenges faced by practitioners in their day-to-day operations.

This is where the DRIVER+ Trial 2 comes into play.

Imagine the scene: a large forest fire occurs in a cross-border Mediterranean environment and threatens wildland urban interfaces. Because of the widespread effects of this kind of crises, multiple other incidents, both man-made and natural hazards will happen on several sites.

How to respond to such a crisis? DRIVER+ Trial aimed to find some new innovative answers.

The aim of this Trial was to improve cooperation and coordination between different organisations and agencies from different countries using innovative solutions for large scale and complex multi-event crisis.

To reach this goal, the event was conducted to investigate innovative solutions on how they improve Crisis Management by developping interoperability and coordination in response operation, supporting a common understanding among the actors involved in the crisis.



More information about Trial 2

Take a look to our catalogue describing our activities around the Trial ! You will find information on the DRIVER+ Test-bed and Guidance Methodology to organise Trials, the DRIVER+ Portfolio of Solutions but also specific information about this second Trial and a detailed description of the four solutions to be tested. Take also a look at the Trial 2 in a Nutshell document to learn more about the recommendations.