DRIVER+ User Workshop

17 October 2019, Le Bouche à Oreille,

Brussels, BELGIUM


the DRIVER+ User Workshop!

The DRIVER+ User Workshop provided a unique opportunity to learn and discuss how the following DRIVER+ products; the Trial Guidance Methodology, the Test-bed technical infrastructure, the Portfolio of Solutions, the Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe, the Centre of Expertise and the Training modules can contribute to the capability development of practitioner organisations throughout and beyond the lifespan of the DRIVER+ project.

The workshop was attended by approximately sixty Crisis Management practitioners who used the project’s outputs, as well as by DRIVER+ partners that were involved in the development of the solutions. Participants were able to share best practices and experiences by attending several interactive sessions in which they jointly explored possibilities on how to use and adopt the DRIVER+ products for their own purposes were given.

One of the workshops was dedicated to presenting the Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe (CMINE). During the session, the CMINE organisational set-up and its online community platform were presented. Participants of the session concluded that the CMINE has a great potential to become an umbrella platform for Crisis Management professionals in the European Union and beyond. Various proposals on how to make the CMINE even more effective were brought forward. These will be closely considered and taken up by the CMINE organisational team in the upcoming period.