Policy-Research Dialogue Roundtable 3 – Brussels, 18 February 2020

Integration of standardisation in research programming in crisis management

The third Policy-Research Dialogue Roundtable (PRDR3) focused on research-related standardisation activities in crisis management. This was the final event of the PRDR series that DG HOME and DRIVER+ have jointly organized. PRDR3 was more specifically concerned with reflecting on the possible ways to integrate standardisation in research programmes and to address standardisation needs in the crisis management sector. It also aimed to develop recommendations to inform and support the integration of standardisation in Horizon Europe.

Based on a SWOT analysis, the PRDR3’s discussions were structured around two key questions:

  • What are the experiences, best practices and approaches which have been tried and adopted to better integrate standardisation in research programmes? Were they successful? What can be learnt from them?
  • In the Horizon Europe context, what could be the key recommendations to foster the integration of standardisation in research programming by the EU Commission?