The first preparatory meeting DRY-RUN 1 for the Netherlands Trial  is being held this week (18-22.2.2019). The trial will be organised from 20-24 of May 2019 in the Hague. The scenario of the trial is the following: A dyke or sluice breach is caused by technical failure or bad weather conditions. A part of the Safety Region Haaglanden, the Netherlands, will be flooded and damaged or destroyed. More than 500.000 people are threatened by the flooding. During the flood, the water level will be about one meter, depending on the exact location of the breach and the altitude of the terrain. The flooding will have significant human and economic impacts. Cascading effects will be : Flooded roads and railways, Partly power outage, (Tele-)communications failure, Shortage in fresh drinking water and food supply for the population within and outside of the affected area.

The flooding scenario will involve the police, fire, ambulance, utilities companies, railway, regional government.  The solutions to be showcased at this event have already been selected. If you would like to know more about this trial please consult this page.