INACHUS is a European FP7 project aiming at acheiving a significant time reduction related to Urban Search and Recue (USaR) to enhance the operational capacity of the First Responders and rescue crews. It will provide wide-area situation awareness solutions for improved detection and localisation of the trapped victims assisted by simulation tools for predicting structural failures and a holistic decision support mechanism incorporating operational procedures and resources of relevant actors.

The DRIVER+ consortium would like to warmly thank INACHUS for offering an opportunity to present our ongoing activities on the occasion of their upcoming Exploitation and Dissemination cluster. Others projects will be represented as well during the workshop (IN-PREP, TOXI-Triage, CAMELOT, beAWARE, ANYWHERE and GHOST) and potential technological synergies between projects will be identified.

The Exploitation Workshop will take place in Weeze, Germany on Wednesday 18/04 Full day and Thursday 19/04 (until lunch). It will be follow by INACHUS 3rd Pilot which marks the first demonstration of the integrated INACHUS system. This will be a hands-on, interactive day, where USaR professionals are invited to test the system.

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