This project has received funding from the European Union's 7th Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration under Grant Agreement (GA) N° #607798

The DRIVER+ consortium would like to warmly thank all the contributors to the Call for applications for the Trial to be organised in Valabre in October 2018. 23 submissions were received !

We found some very good proposals, which might be able to support the project. The submitted applications were scored by the end-users forming the review group members. Each application has been anonymised and has received 3 reviews and a meta review.

The best 9 submissions have been invited by the Trial Committee for a Solution Demonstration Workshop in Valabre. The objectives of this event were to explain the expectations from DRIVER+ side and make sure that the solution providers understand them as well as to check the added value of each solutions in terms of Crisis Management and into the Trial.

4 of these solutions have been selected to be featured during the Trial in October 2018.

You miss the opportunity to share your innovative solutions? Additional call for application will be organised for the others Trials, stay tuned for more information to come!