A need for an overarching network in Crisis Management

Currently a plethora of projects and initiatives related to Crisis Management do exist at national, EU and international level. However, coordination and oversight on these activities is scarce. Due to the lack of an overarching crisis management network both on European Union (EU) level and beyond, information and knowledge gaps are often occurring that restrain actors involved in Crisis Management to be as efficient and innovative as they should be. The fragmentation of the Crisis Management landscape also results in a slow uptake of market solutions, a loss of information and knowledge and a lack of joint efforts due to the lack of engagement within the crisis management landscape.

In order to answer to these needs, the EU-funded project DRIVER+ is launching the CMINE (Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe), a Community of Practice in the field of Disaster Risk Reduction which has at its goal to serve as an overarching body aiming to connect existing networks, initiatives and Crisis Management professionals to better synchronise their work and increase efficiency.

The CMINE’s objectives are to:

  • Improve market uptake of DRM and Crisis Management solutions
  • Reduce fragmentation in the Crisis Management domain
  • Create a shared understanding in Crisis Management
  • Facilitate synergies & cooperation between Crisis Management stakeholders
  • Strengthen technical support
  • Facilitate engagement within the Crisis Management policy landscape
  • Address capability needs and opportunities for practitioners and other Crisis Management stakeholders
  • Connect stakeholders of different backgrounds and expertise

The CMINE will be an in-person community and an online community. The in-Person component if the CMINE will comprise regular meetings to discuss issues and exchange knowledge in the crisis management domain.

The in-person aspect of the CMINE is complemented by the CMT, a Community Management tool, a fit-for-purpose tool allowing members of the CMINE to connect, interact and exchange online, at any point in time and from any desired location. The CMINE has got a dedicated group page on the Community Management Tool. The platform is simple, user-friendly and makes it easy to engage for everybody.

What are the topics of discussion? Let us hear your voice!

CMINE will be structured around concrete topics focusing on natural disasters, addressing challenges that have not yet been sufficiently addressed in the Crisis Management domain and allowing to exchange lessons learnt and experience resulting from the 4 Trials currently being conducted within the frame of the DRIVER+ project.

To achieve CMINE´s goal to facilitate cooperation between the various types of stakeholders and best practices, we want to make sure that CMINE addresses your needs and the virtual platform is set up accordingly!

Therefore, we need your feedback and your views on what is important to you! Let us know your favourite theme. Go to the CMINE group- here and go to vote or propose a new theme for CMINE. Leave your e-mail to receive updates of the group.

What are the next steps?

Your feedback on the preferred themes and the group set up will greatly help to shape the group according to your needs. In a first step, the voting results of group members favourite themes will be published in October 2018. Based on the preferred themes & new themes proposed, sub-groups will be launched allowing for further in-depth discussions and exchange of knowledge.

The official launch of the CMINE and the final group set-up will be approximately by the end of December.

You want to know more about the CMINE? Consult our poster here or contact us- communication@projectdriver.eu