The Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Center (DRMKC) is organising its 3rd Annual Seminar in Sofia from 26th to 27th April.

This event is an opportunity to meet actors engaged in Disaster Risk Management to discuss the future development of activities for reinforcing the collaboration of stakeholders for Disaster Risk Reduction in the promotion of data collection and analysis or policy-making and for testing and exploiting new knowledge for first responders. Particularly, this seminar will focus on:

  • Strengthening the science policy interfaces, as the spaces where scientists and policy makers create new initiatives, to support the inclusion of Disaster Risk Reduction in education.
  • Arranging the process for using evidence for Disaster Risk Management policy-making, such as the collection of loss and damage data or assessing Disaster Risk Management capabilities
  • Stimulating new mechanisms and technologies for responding emergencies together with the operational teams in the field.
The target audience includes scientists, practitioners and policy-makers at national, regional and international levels, as well as first responders and practitioners on the field, and private sector representatives.

On this occasion, DRIVER+ has been invited to give a presentation during the session A4  on Advancing innovation for First Responders. Come and find us! We are very much looking forward to meet you to discuss potential synergies and future collaboration!

You will find the draft agenda of the event here.