Wednesday, 19th February 2020

9:35h      Welcome by the European Commission


10:45h    DRIVER+ Project Overview and Achievements

Marcel van Berlo, TNO/DRIVER+


11:45h    The DRIVER+ Key Outputs

Trial Guidance Methodology
Chiara fonio, JRC/DRIVER+
Test-Bed Technical Infrastructure
Erik Vullings, TNO/DRIVER+
Training Module
Steven van Campen, XVR/DRIVER+
Portfolio of Solutions
Denis Havlik, AIT/DRIVER+
The Centres of Expertise Network       
Agnese Macaluso, Ecorys/DRIVER+                                                
The Cmine Community


14:15h    The DRIVER+ Trial Experience

Alice Clemenceau, Valabre
André de Rond, Veiligheidsregio Haaglanden (VRH)
Tomasz Zwęgliński, Polish Main School of Fire Service (SGSP)
Selected providers of solutions assessed at the D+ trials:
Martha Bird, Danish Red Cross: Psychological First Aid training
Ruud van den Beukel, Merlin: CrisisSuite
Joost van der Hammen, Nelen & Schuurmans: 3Di


16:50h    The DRIVER+ Portfolio of Solutions



17:00h    Top 3 Innovative Solutions in Crisis Management 2020

Award ceremony


17:30h    Summary of the Day

Philippe Quevauviller, DG Home, European Commission

Thursday, 20th February 2020

09:30h    Welcome by the European Commission to Day 2

Angelo Marino, Unit B4 Safeguarding SECURE Society, Research Executive Agency (REA), European Commission


11:15h    Standardisation in DRIVER+ – White Paper Presentation

Marie-Christine Bonnamour, Public Safety Communication Europe (PSCE)/DRIVER+


12:30h    The DRIVER+ Legacy – Establishing New Centres of Expertise

Signature ceremony


13:00h    The DRIVER+ Legacy – Looking into the Future

Marcel van Berlo, TNO/DRIVER+



Chiara Fonio


Dr. Chiara Fonio currently works as a project officer at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission (Disaster Risk Management Unit, Ispra, Italy). Her research interests range from disaster risk management to surveillance and privacy issues. She has been involved in many research projects focused on crisis management, crisis and risk communication as well as on the impact of surveillance technologies in urban contexts. Her most recent book is the edited volume Big data, Surveillance and Crisis management (Boersma, F.K & Fonio, C., Routledge, 2018). 

In DRIVER+ she has been leading the activities which led to the development of the Test-bed. 

Denis Havlik

 Austrian Institute of Technology/DRIVER+

Dr. Denis Havlik is a scientist at the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT). Within DRIVER+, he has led all activities related to the Portfolio of Solutions (PoS) and Trial Guidance Tool (TGT).

Agnese Macaluso


Agnese Macaluso is a consultant at Ecorys, a research and consultancy company, focused on (strategic) development, implementation and evaluation of public policy. She has experience on issues related to conflict prevention, urban violence and local governance, violent extremism and EU foreign relations.

Her areas of expertise are:  

  • Coordination and implementation of projects in the domain of urban innovation, regional integration and security;  
  • Coordinate acquisition of projects with EIB, European Commission, WORLD BANK, DFID; 
  • Strategic planning within EU and international market.  

Previously, Agnese was a researcher at The Hague Institute for Global Justice under the Conflict Prevention Program and worked for the European External Action Service and Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She holds a Master’s degree in international Relations and European Studies from the University of Florence. 

Philippe Quevauviller

European Commission (DG HOME)

Dr. Philippe Quevauviller is Research Programming and Policy Officer at DG HOME. He started his career at the European Commission in 1989 as scientific officer at DG RESEARCH, then as policy officer at DG ENVIRONMENT (in charge of EU groundwater policies) in the years 2002-2008, and back to DG RESEARCH from 2008 to 2013 in the area of hydrometeorological hazards. He moved to the Secure Societies Programme in 2013, firstly at DG ENTERPRISE (2013) then at DG HOME (2015), where he is responsible for research programming in the area of Disaster Resilient Societies. Since 2014, he is coordinating the development of the Community of Users on Secure, Safe and Resilient Societies. 

Besides his work at the European Commission, he is also Associate Professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), a scientific writer and editor. He holds two PhDs (oceanography and environmental chemistry) and the highest French University degree (HDR). 

Todor Tagarev

 Bulgarian Academy of Sciences/DRIVER+

Todor Tagarev is a former Minister of Defence (2013). He has represented Bulgaria on EDA’s R&T Steering Board and the NATO Science and Technology Board. Currently he is Professor at the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and leads its Centre for Security and Defence Management.  

Marcel van Berlo


Dr. Marcel van Berlo is a senior project manager at TNO (the Netherlands) in the field of human factors and security since 1993. Selected topics of interest are crisis management, disaster risk reduction, community resilience, urban security, team performance, training and serious gaming. He holds a Ph.D in Instructional Psychology and Technology from the University of Leuven (Belgium). From 2000-2005 he was coordinating the Team Training research group within TNO, from 2011-2014 he coordinated the Community Resilience product group, and from 2004-2017 he was a senior business developer in the field of human factors and security. Since 2017 Marcel is the Technical Coordinator of the European research project DRIVER+ and since 2019 the chair of the EARTO Security and Defence Research Working Group. He is member of the editorial board of the Dutch magazine ‘Secondant’ on public safety and security. 

Steven van Campen

XVR Simulation

Steven van Campen is a senior incident command instructor and exercise consultant at XVR Simulation. He holds an MSc. in Aerospace Engineering and an MSc. Industrial Design Engineering from Delft University of Technology and is certified by Linköping University as an EmergoTrain System senior instructor. He has interests in education and crisis management and is involved in the design and implementation of simulation centres and innovations in incident command training. He lives with his family in the Netherlands and enjoys cooking, woodworking and theatre.

Erik Vullings


Dr. Erik Vullings is Senior System Integrator for more than 12 years at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), focussing on technology development in the area of Modelling and Simulation. He previously worked for 3y as an R&D programme manager in Australia on Identity & Access Management, and for 5y as Systems Engineer and programme manager for Philips Centre of Applied Science, developing B2B equipment. Within DRIVER+, he has been leading activities related to the Test-bed Technical Infrastructure.