Policy Research Dialogue Roundtable- PRDR2

18 December 2019

Le Bouche à Oreille


DRIVER+ Policy-Research Dialogue Roundtable – Discussing the contributions to the programming of Disaster Risk Management component of Horizon Europe

PRDRs are convening representatives from EC DGs (in particular DG HOME, DG ECHO/ERCC, DG RTD and DG CLIMA), the JRC/DRMKC, international organisations (UNISDR), national civil protection authorities from Member States and selected Research & Innovation projects and/or initiatives to look into the possibility of a pan-European approach to capability development and innovation management in Disaster Risk Reduction and Crisis Management.

Part of a sequence of events, PRDR2 built upon the outcomes of the Program Committee meeting (17 October 2019) and the Security Research Event (6-7 November 2019) with the aim to further debate and generate ideas in line with the ongoing strategic planning process of the EC (see for more details: Orientations towards the first Strategic Plan implementing the research and innovation framework programme Horizon Europe).

The PRDR2 was specifically targeted towards generating inputs for the ongoing co-design process in relation to the priority ‘Disaster-resilient societies’ of the envisioned Horizon Europe cluster “Civil Security for Society”. The event focused on the needs and requirements for an improved capability development process regarding climate-related risks (wildfires and floods) as well as CBRN-E, that should be addressed in Horizon Europe and other Union programmes.

How can the future program for research and innovation improve the current capability development process by ensuring a better uptake of results from previous projects?

How can these elements be best implemented in the Horizon Europe Work Programme and other funding instruments?

How can the synergies between the Community of Users framework and the envisioned UCPM Knowledge Network be best exploited to enhance the European capability development process in Disaster Risk Management?