The DRIVER+ project underwent the third edition of the Innovation for Crisis Management (I4CM) event in Warsaw on 3rd – 4th September.

Practitioners, experts, solution providers, representative from other projects and initiatives and policy-makers, almost 200 persons attended this event providing a platform to meet, exchange best practices and establish synergies in an open environment.

As the I4CM intends to bring people in the Crisis Management community closer, the event have been organized along two lines: a CONFERENCE programme on the first day with dedicated panels and speakers and an OFF programme, consisting of more interactive experiences, held on the second day.

September 3rdThe CONFERENCE programme included sessions on inter-agency and cross border cooperation processes and instruments, on challenges and obstacles in sharing and coordinating information during multi-agency disaster, and on the importance of standards development in case of multi-agency disaster response. A a forum of ideas closed the day, providing a space for initiatives in Crisis Management to inform on their activities, solutions and results.

September 4thThe OFF programme alternated between parallel workshops and hands-on sessions that allowed participants to meet, share experiences, and learn more about the activities of the DRIVER+ project and related initiatives. Moreover, a poster area and a market place showcasing innovative Crisis Management solutions were central to the event.