The DRIVER+ Workshop 0 held in Warsaw from 26th February to 2nd March was a success. The purpose of the meeting was to develop a common understanding on preparation and execution of DRIVER+ Trials and present the pre selected solutions to be tested in Trial 1.

Following a call for applications, 13 solution providers have been invited to present their solutions to the attendants and make demonstrations of their products in an interactive manner, allowing practitioners to come in close contact with the solutions. Trial 1, to be held in Poland from 21st to 25th May will feature 4 of these solutions.

A mini Trial was also organised to stimulate the organisation of a Trial and present a series of potential problems that can emerge. The purpose was to put into practice to methodological steps, described in the DRIVER+ Trial Guidance and Methodology Tool that will be required to carry out all the DRIVER+ Trials and will act as a common framework for reference. Each of the four Trial committee met in order to discuss their respective organisation, the scenario they have to defined and the Crisis Management gaps and research questions to address.

Workshop 0 was also the occasion to launch the Call for applications 2, an open registration available for solution providers. More information about the registration can be found here.

Almost 90 participants from 29 organisations took part in Workshop 0 and its success demonstrate that the project is following the right track in the preparation or its upcoming steps.

Thank you CIK SRC PAS for the organisation of this Workshop 0 !