The DRIVER+ Training Module design is based on the feedback received on:

  • Earlier conducted training activities during project meetings,
  • Trial Guidance Methodology support provided to the project’s Trials 1-4 as well as,
  • Interviews with project-external education experts and practitioners who have attended Crisis Management courses.

This feedback, together with the progressions made in the DRIVER+ Trial Guidance Methodology development and its Handbook, leads to an improved design of the Project Training Module, compared to its previous version 1.

 But who are the target groups of the Training Module?

  • The primary target group of the Training Module are organisers of future Trials, such as experienced and/or high-level Crisis Management (CM) professionals, policy makers, procurement officers and researchers.
  • The secondary group are learners, namely CM practitioners, solution providers, technicians and staff involved in specific steps of organizing and/or running a Trial.

The Training Module provides both groups with explanations, training, practice and assessments in applying the Trial Guidance Methodology, the supportive tools and methods (e.g. the Trial Guidance Tool, the Test-bed technical infrastructure and how to draw a baseline and innovation line).
In addition, it makes references to other users of the Test-bed, such as the members of the Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe (CMINE) and potential Centres of Expertise (CoE) who will deliver the services developed within DRIVER+ after the project duration

To read more about the updated training module report, please go to the following  link of the website.