Today, Monday 20 May, at the SRH premises, in view of the upcoming trial, all DRIVER+ key actors are preparing the technical installation of the solutions along with the solution providers.

After a meticulous selection process, face-to-face meetings, Trial rehearsals, five innovative Crisis Management solutions were selected to be tested against a flooding scenario:

  • 3DI from Nelen & Schuurmans ( State-of-the-art hydrodynamic simulation software for inundation caused by heavy rainfall, overflowing rivers or coastal flooding.
  • ZKI & KEEPOPERATIONAL from DLR ( ZKI Provides Up-to-date situational awareness information such as satellite or aerial imagery, as well as geo data while KEEPOPERATIONAL provides fast and seamless exchange of relevant information for traffic management and logistics operations in disaster situations.
  • CrisisSuite from MerlinCrisis ( Delivers a Common Operational Picture for those Crisis Teams not having direct access to the Dutch crisis management system (LCMS).
  • HUMLOG from the University of Münster ( An adaptable simulation environment for discrete event-based and agent-based simulations.
  • SIM-CI from SIM-CI ( Creates a digital visualisation of the disaster and shows the cascading effects on critical infrastructure and utility networks.

To know more about the Trial and the selected solutions, please download the DRIVER+ Trial The Netherlands Catalogue here.