DRIVER+ Trial#1 held on 21st – 25th May 2018 successfully came to an end this week in Warsaw (Poland). Did you participate in this event? Are you interested to attend a similar trial? Do not worry, there are plenty of opportunities for you!

What follows next?

Trial #1 will be the kick-off to a series of further Trials and various events. Three more Trials will be organised to operationalise and test Crisis Management solutions. They will all incorporate the lessons learnt and outcomes of Trial #1.

Trial #2

The second DRIVER+ Trial will be organised on October 2018 in Valabre, France. The objective of this Trial is to improve cooperation and coordination between different organisations, or agencies within and across different countries using innovative solutions for large scale and complex crisis. The scenario includes multiple incidents with cross-border dimension occurring on several sites. The solutions to be operationalised and tested have already been selected.

Trial #3

It will be organised on May 2019 in The Netherlands. Its main objective is to find solutions for shortcomings in managing and planning large scale evacuation of the population in urban areas and to find solutions in managing the side effects.

Call for application for Trial #3: Mark your agenda!

The third Call for application will be launched in June. If you would like to share your innovations with the Crisis Management community and are developing and deploying socio-technical solutions for first responders, consult our website regularly to take part in this call.

Trial #4

The forth DRIVER+ Trial will be held on September 2019 in Austria. It will evaluate a selection of tools contributing to international or national Crisis Management processes, especially in the fields of: volunteer management; standardisation for representation of information; flexibility and ability to interoperate; and improvement of the vertical workflow (up and down) of information.

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