THIRD Innovation for Crisis Management (I4CM) event

3rd- 4th September 2018, Warsaw, Poland

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What are the I4CM events?

The Innovation for Crisis Management (I4CM) events aim to contribute to building a shared understanding in Crisis Management through the organisation of an annual event focusing on Crisis Management topics, allowing to address issues of common interest, to develop synergies between initiatives and to discuss the research roadmap for Horizon 2020 and beyond. The event allows local practitioners and solution providers to meet and exchange on best practices and lessons learnt, while providing projects and initiatives with an opportunity to increase their visibility and impact and to liaise with any interested stakeholders, including organisations developping similar projects in other regions of the world. It intends to make projects in the field of Crisis Management accessible to a wider range of external stakeholders in a specific region.

How will the third edition of the I4CM be organised?

This edition of the I4CM event will take place in Poland, at the Copernicus Research Center on 3rd-4th September 2018. Focusing on standardisation, regional-national pressing issues, this event will also be the occasion to present the results of the first Trial organised in the frame of the project and to pave the way for the second Trial to be organised in France in October 2018.

ITTI SP ZOO, the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) and the Public Safety Communication Europe Forum (PSCE) are pleased to co-host this interactive regional workshop.

The event will be structured around two parts: the CONFERENCE and the OFF Programme. It will comprise keynote speeches, plenary discussions, dedicated workshops and hands-on sessions with mini trials and roundtables.

Discover below the description of each session of the event and the all day long activities !

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September 3rd

10.00 am – 4.15 pm

Challenges and opportunities in complex Crisis Management situation: Inter-agency cooperation processes and instruments

The aim of the session is to bring together a group of policy-makers acting at EU and national level, inter-agency crisis managers, industry/SME representatives, experts and research projects to discuss (national) processes and instruments for Crisis Management, in order to share good practices supporting inter-agency cooperation in complex Crisis Management situations.

In order to set the scene for the panel to interact, the session will start with a keynote speech on the outcomes of the first Trial organised by DRIVER+, which took place in Warsaw, Poland, in June 2018. The first edition of the series of four Trials aim to demonstrate the potential interest of a more integrated high-level Crisis Management system in the EU, partly in cross-border contexts in term of improved situation assessment, coordination, resource pooling & sharing, and cross-border cooperation.

Meet with the initiatives supporting inter-agency cooperation and interoperability of communication systems

Representatives of the initiatives supporting inter-agency cooperation and interoperability of communication systems (H2020 and beyond) will jump on stage for brief but impactful pitches! Find out about their best achievements so far and then join them in the poster session area !

Challenges and obstacles in sharing and coordinating information during multi-agency disaster response

After the event of September 11, 2001, the attacks in Paris in 2015 and the ones in Brussels in 2016, there has been a surge of interest in developing and implementing interoperable communication systems for first responders. Such voice, data and radio interoperability is a critical need for first responders (police, fire, emergency services, etc.) at the scene of an emergency or disaster, whether of natural or man-made origin. The use of properly planned, established, and applied communication tools can enable the dissemination of information among command and support elements and cooperating agencies and organizations.

This roundtable aims at presenting the state of the art at EU level and beyond but also to provide a space for practitioners and initiatives to share best practices and lessons learnt. Finally, it will also provide a space for research projects to inform about activities carried out to improve the situation and present emerging or newly identified solutions.

Monitoring, Notification, and Decision Support in the Crisis Management Area – The importance of standards development
This session is under construction, more information to come !

3rd I4CM OFF


September 3rd- 4.45 pm to

September 4th- 5.00 pm

In order to provide a dynamic environment that is ripe for interactivity, this OFF Programme will alternate parallel workshops, hands-on sessions with mini-trials and roundtables and will be opened by a Forum of Ideas where attendees can present their Crisis Management related ideas, activities or solutions. It will allow attendees to partake in interactive sessions, to meet, share experiences, and learn more about EC-funded projects as well as other ongoing Security / Crisis Management initiatives.

On that specific part of the programme, four rooms will host sessions and activities with a particular focus, allowing the audience to move from one area to another to discover innovative presentations, workshops and demonstrations about (1) DRIVER+ trials, (2) related projects and initiatives, (3) Innovations in the field of Crisis Management. In addition to this, a room will be provisioned to host the CEN/TC 391 (WG3) meeting (closed session) and another one will be used to conduct interviews and to register to the CMINE (the confessional).

Get the chance to come and walk by:

  • The trial room
  • The related projects and initiatives room
  • The research & innovation room
  • The practitioners room
  • The confessional room

In addition, let us hear your voice! Visit the Forum of Ideas:

The Forum of ideas will take place at 5:30pm on September 3rd, 2018. Attendees can register until 02:30pm the same day, to deliver a presentation or a speech during the Forum of Ideas: an open unprogrammed space intended to gather inputs from the public as well!

More information to come very soon.

Stay tuned for a more detailed version of this promising OFF programme!

Call for presentations and workshops

An Open Call will be launched in May 2018 and closed in July 2018. The winners will be awarded with the possibility to be part of a dedicated session on the main stage where they will be given the chance to introduce their project (in case of presentation) or with a space to organise an activity (in case of workshops or other interactive event).

The proposals will be evaluated by the I4CM Programme Committee and ranked following criteria like the relevance to Crisis Management and Innovation, the speaker’s potential and the originality.

More information to come, stay tuned !

Our all day long activities:

Wall of challenges - Stick your idea to the Wall !

In order to identify additional challenges faced by the Crisis Management comunity, and highlight innovative solutions supporting the practitioners to reduce the gaps they are facing on a daily basis, a Wall of challenges will be set up, allowing the attendees to stick on the wall their ideas, lessons learnt and success stories. It will be used to gather additional information besides the planned sessions.

The Market Place

A market place will be central to the event, allowing practitioners to discover innovative Crisis Management solutions, including the ones that have been tested during DRIVER+ Trial 1 and selected for Trial 2.

Poster area

In addition to the dedicated room giving a space for related projects and initiatives to present their activities, solutions and results, a poster area will be arranged to allow them to engage further with the attendees over the event duration. Three minutes will be given to each to pitch their project.

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