Crisis Management (CM) is a multidisciplinary field and involves many different organisations and covering various mission functions throughout the CM cycle (prevention, preparedness, response and recovery). The challenges for CM are manifold with a large variety of threats such as natural disasters, terrorism, pandemics, migration etc. In order to efficiently answer those challenges, a vast range of capabilities and expertise is needed. In addition, the threats are not limited to a certain region or even state, thus, response activities must often stretch over both country borders or language barriers.

DRIVER+ follows an open and inclusive approach and invests significant efforts for involving external stakeholders in the project’s activities through concrete external cooperation actions. The consortium seeks to closely work with innovative solution providers, interested and concerned practitioners that may benefit from the results of the project and CM experts providing required expertise to strengthen the project team.

To this end, two external cooperation platforms have been created:

  • DRIVER+ External cooperation platform for Practitioners
  • DRIVER+ External cooperation platform for Solutions Providers

These platforms are supported by an online tool: the Community Management Tool (CMT). This is the online meeting place for the platform members to interact and share information, experiences and best practices.

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