Mutual understanding of practitioners and other key actors involved in international crisis and disaster management turned out to be a key challenge. Barriers to understanding due to different cultural, organisational and educational background were identified to be main challenges of communication and information exchange of several activities such as border crossing cooperation.

In this light, DRIVER+ decided to establish an English project terminology of key terms and associated definitions in order to enhance a common understanding within the project team and to contribute to a shared understanding within Europe.

What was the methodology establishing such a terminology?

A Terminology Working Group was set up and started from the already existing terminology from the initial DRIVER project, as a basis. Then, they have identified if all terms of this list were still of relevance in the current project context. Then, it was controlled if:

 1 – A definition from the UNISDR 2015 could be identified for any of the terms. In case such a definition was found, it has been taken for the DRIVER+ terminology.

2 – The second step was to check the definitions of ISO 22300. In case of availability, the definition from ISO 22300 was chosen.

3- For the other terms, a search in the ISO database was executed, adequate definitions were selected and introduced.

On this basis, the DRIVER+ Terminology is continuously updated.

You will find the DRIVER+ Terminology here