Fourth  edition of the Innovation for Crisis Management (I4CM) event

12- 13 June 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark,

Kosmopol Conference centre


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What are the I4CM events?

The Innovation for Crisis Management (I4CM) events contribute to building a shared understanding in Crisis Management through the organisation of an annual event focusing on Crisis Management topics, allowing issues of common interest to be addressed and  synergies between initiatives to be developed. The event allows local practitioners and solution providers to meet and exchange on best practices and lessons learnt, while providing projects and initiatives with an opportunity to increase their visibility and impact and to liaise with any interested stakeholders, including organisations developping similar projects in other regions of the world. It intends to make projects in the field of Crisis Management accessible to a wider range of external stakeholders in a specific region.

What IS the focus of this 4th edition?

This edition will focus on volunteer management in a crisis situation, with special attention being paid to issues around organised volunteers, spontaneous volunteers and psychosocial support to volunteers. This edition will also give the participants an opportunity to learn about the latest development regarding the organisation of the fourth Trial  in Styria (Austria) in September 2019, whose focus is also on Volunteer Management.

who is this event designed FOR ?

Crisis Management practitioners

with operational knowledge to guide research and innovation, primarily from Denmark but also from beyond so as to exchange on their experiences, lessons learnt and best practices

Related projects and initiatives

funded by the European Commission, but not only!

Crisis Management solution providers

from industry and research offering innovative socio-technical solutions, from Denmark and beyond


Policy makers

 working on the regulatory framework for Crisis Management operations, operating at EC or national level

Experts on various aspects of Crisis Management

having specific knowledge and expertise, with respect to operational and strategic challenges and volunteer management

Experts on Volunteer Management

with knowledge on the topic of organised volunteers, spontaneous volunteers and psychological support to volunteers

The concept & programme in a nutshell!

As the I4CM intends to bring people in the Crisis Management community closer, the the two-day event will comprise keynote speakers, plenary discussions, interviews, dedicated workshops and hands-on sessions with training’s and roundtables. Furthermore, a marketplace will be central to the event, allowing practitioners to discover innovative Crisis Management solutions.  

June 12th – includes sessions on the management, support and care of spontaneous volunteers and on the management of volunteers in large crisis, as well as training sessions on Psychological First Aid in support to teams of volunteers, the DRIVER+ Trials and the CMINE working groups. It is closed by a social event & cocktail dinner. 

June 13th – includes sessions on ICT-based solutions in support of volunteer management, relations with volunteers- Human and ICT based solutions, the DRIVER+ Trial Guidance Methodology Handbook and Test bed infrastructure, a training session on the framework on Societal Impact Assessment, training sessions on Psychological First Aid in support to teams of volunteers and a session on the legal aspects on engaging spontaneous volunteers.

As a short reminder


12 to 13 June 2019

The event starts at 10.00am on Day 1 and ends at 17.00pm on Day 2


City: Copenhagen (Denmark)

Venue: Kosmopol Centre


Crisis Management practitioners, solution providers, experts on volunteer management, policy-makers, related projects and initiatives



is open until 20.5.2019

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